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Dollars for Pounds: Week 1

Why Dollar$ for Pounds?

I have started a campaign with the local schools and colleges on eating more nutritious and fresh food and getting rid of processed food. But in order to continue my mission, I will need to lead by example.


Starting June 1st, I will begin a campaign to lose 40 lbs by December 31st. I will do this by implementing my program of eating more fresh and wholesome food. I will also be visiting Supermarket’s and Local Farmer’s Market’s to show people how they can save money and eat nutritiously as well as providing recipes. I will be doing a weekly video on YouTube/Facebook with updated information and progress of my weight loss.

How Can You Help?

I am looking for people to sponsor me for $1 or more per pound up to 40 lbs. Every dollar raised will go to obtaining more fresh fruit and vegetables to be delivered to areas and schools that are food insecure.

It’s Simple to Sponsor

Just fill out a contract in person or you can e-mail me at with your name, address and telephone number and the amount you want to pledge. On January 1st we will begin mailing or e-mailing you the final results and how much your donation will be. It’s that simple!

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