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Timothy Baumbach

Executive Director


My name is Timothy Baumbach, Executive Director of the Central Downtown Food Basket. I started in April of 1990 with a goal in mind, to feed those in need with as much dignity and respect  as I would want given to me in that situation. I am not the average director. I don’t wear suits, or have a big office. If you were to happen by to any of our 3 mobile sites, you would see me in jeans and a shirt busy unloading food with my wife of 30 years and setting up the food distribution program for that days giveaway.

Volunteers make up a huge part of CDFB and without them this large undertaking wouldn’t be possible. Everybody who comes and receives food has a story and that story should be heard. Sometimes we are the only outlet for that to happen. It is not my right to judge, I think we all know whose job that is. My job is to listen and yes learn as well from people who still have a voice. As a director, I feel it is my responsibility to be involved from the time I open until the last bag is given out. I walk the lines to make sure everyone’s needs are met or help them obtain their goals via other agencies.

I have met some wonderful people over the years who have helped me and continue to do so this very day with my mission in feeding the hungry. I look forward to meeting and working with more that have the same vision as I do, helping those in need. I love my job and I am going into my 25th year. I still see a lot more that needs to be done. But one day, one step and one hug at a time, and it will be accomplished. 916-761-5624